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      Since 2010 Teresa Groves, doing business as Indulge, has been providing the vibrant villa sector of Jamaica with the essentials for making vacations as relaxing and memorable as possible!

       Whilst managing one of Jamaica's leading villas, Terry realized the lack of readily available quality wines and liquors for her guests. Jamaica does offer incredible choices in this area, but not everyone has easy access to these, particularly during a short vacation! - Hence the birth of Indulge!

      Before long many other villa owners, agents and arriving guests were requesting her services! Indulge has grown over the years and, in 2017, with the encouragement of her son and business partner Andrew, Indulge Concierge Services Jamaica Ltd became recognized as the essential ingredient of a successful villa vacation!

       The purpose of the Indulge service is to give villa guests the option to pre-purchase their precise choice of beverages and have that order delivered to their villa, prior to arrival. No valuable vacation time wasted and definitely no surprises or disappointments.



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