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Made in Jamaica craft beer; 3 Flavors:

Hop Steppa by Trouble's Brewing - 6.7%ABV

A "West Coast" style India Pale Ale featuring stone fruit, citrus and tropical flavour and aroma notes accompanied by a moderate bitterness, derived from Columbus, Citra, and a blend of hops.


Shine Eye Gyal by Trouble's Brewing - 5.5%ABV

The Blonde Ale, often referred to as a “gateway” craft beer. Golden straw colored, smooth drinking and balanced flavours which meander between malt and subtle hops.


Easy Skankin' by Trouble's Brewing - 5%ABV

A German style wheat beer. With a malt bill made up of more than 50% wheat, this beer style is known for its clove and banana like flavours which are derived from the Bravarian yeast strain. Crisp and refreshing. Dangerously moreish.

Trouble's Brewing Craft Beer - 6pk

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